A Few of Our Clients...

Cardio. Strength. Stretch....CSS!


These are the three pillars of a successful fitness regimen on which our company is built. Cardio to build the heart and lungs, strength training to create lean muscle, and stretching to increase range of motion. But we are so much more...

Not wanting to be limited by a single studio location, owners Wayne Snyder and Amanda Grant take the show on the road as the only Mobile Group Fitness Company of its kind!

Our clients include large and small corporations, community centers, fire departments and schools...anywhere people want to get fit. When we discovered a lot of businesses lack an employee wellness program, we seized the opportunity to help them add an effective, measurable fitness element. Brining our programs directly into the work environment has bolstered participants' productivity, enthusiasm, and camaraderie among their peers. It has become extremely rewarding not only watching people get fit, but seeing the positive impact it has on the entire organization! Lower healthcare costs, lower absenteeism, higher morale, and in turn, higher profits are what come as a result of healthier, happier employees.

 CSS has grown to host a dozen public classes per week in the Lehigh Valley area including group cycling, yoga, bootcamp, functional fitness, and Pound®. For those looking to boost their wellness through individual attention, we offer personal training, small group training, and nutritional counseling.

 CSS Group Fitness & Nutrition has the best-qualified instructors and personal trainers in the area, but the true strength of our program is that we treat everyone as a unique individual. We don't offer "one size fits all", but aim to understand your personal fitness journey and progress it as effectively as possible.