The CSS Group Fitness 6-Week Nutrition Program

Work with a Nutrition Coach to develop healthy habits for life. Learn clean eating, food prep techniques, and portion control. No short-term fixes, or expensive pills or powders here.
Just real food.  Everyone that has committed to our program has dropped on average
​5-10 inches, lost body fat, and gained a renewed sense of energy and wellness.

This is the perfect complement to maximize the results of our fitness classes!

Our 6-Week Nutrition Program Includes:

  • Initial consultation, in-depth questionnaire and body measurements
  • Customized meal plan with recipes
  • Daily direct access to your nutrition coach for support & accountability
  • Two follow-up consultations
  • Final evaluation & measurements with suggestions for future success

Individual Plan: $90

Group of 2: $85 each

Group of 3: $80 each

​Group of 4: $75 each

The results speak for themselves!

"I have struggled with weight problems most of my life.  I have tried so many diets I wouldn’t be able to list them all.  I’ve counted calories, fats and carbohydrates and even went so far as to try things like the “Cabbage Soup Diet” and shakes.  With any of these I could drop 10-15 pounds, but they always came back. Since I started working with Amanda, both my husband and I have lost both weight and inches.  In six weeks I lost 6 pounds and a total of 5.75 inches, and I continue to lose.  I am now eating and enjoying foods that I would have never tried before. This is a lifestyle change, not a diet.  Thank you Amanda!"

- Dianne B., Center Valley

"I would wholeheartedly recommend the CSS Nutrition Program! With the mind-boggling amount of information out there, it's nearly impossible to figure out where to start. My coach made it easy for me with a simple meal plan that is suited to my likes and dislikes, and almost daily check-in's to keep me on track."

- Preston C., Whitehall

"Being an endurance athlete, I started the Nutrition Program to lose those last few pounds of body fat slowing me down, and to learn how to eat to fuel my training. Working with Kayla, I learned that I was consuming a lot of empty calories that were doing me no good. Since I've started incorporating more nutritionally dense foods, my workouts have never been better. My waistline has trimmed down nicely, too! "

- Annette D., Allentown

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