For Business Investors

The concept of outsourcing is not new. Outsourcing fitness is. That's what we sell.

And people are buying!

Want a slice of the next generation in fitness?  Contact us.

What we have is a ground floor opportunity in the fitness industry for you.  If you've done

your homework, you already know that the Fitness Industry is still young and  growing.

Companies like ours are becoming more integrated into the entire Healthcare system,

from the insurance industry to company  Health and Wellness programs. Correction -

there is no company like ours. But you knew what we meant.

We'll give you the process, equipment and  support you need to get started.. We'll help you

with your marketing. We'll help you sell your program. Then we'll be on the sidelines as your


Or - just put your dollars in and buy yourself a 8 - 10% ROI with little or no effort on your part.

We have several investment programs available. Your actual participation is as much or as little

as you want it to be.

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