Looking to run a half or full marathon? Whether it's your first or your thirtieth,

CSS now offers a holistic approach to running a fantastic race!

NxT LvL is an in-depth 20-week program, customized to your training history,

your current fitness level, and your goal race.

Here is what you get!

• Initial consultation and detailed questionnaire

• Weekly mileage chart

• Cross-training workouts designed to keep you strong and injury-free

• Resistance workouts via the CSS Group Fitness mobile app

• Nutrition plan with personal recipes from your coach

• Mindset training to get you into the right head space for success

• Guidance for race week

​• Big-time accountability: regular check-ins and anytime access to your coach for support, guidance,

   and motivation!

Upon signing, you'll receive our Top 26 Foods for Long Distance Training (with recipes), so you can get started immediately with fueling your body to perform at its best. Many other free gifts throughout the duration of the program!

Will you rise to the challenge?

Contact amanda@cssgroupfitness.com to schedule a phone or in-person consult!

Amanda Grant, owner and head trainer with CSS Group Fitness, brings to the table 25 years of competitive distance running experience; including 12 full marathons (PR 3:06) and 5 half marathons (PR 1:31). 

"I created NxT LvL Marathon Academy to combine my my enjoyment of helping people reach their full potential, and my expertise of the process it takes to reach the finish line successfully!"

Have you dreamed of running a distance race and reaching the finish line filled with pride, but maybe some inner fears and self-doubt has held you back? With Amanda as your mentor, your goals CAN happen!